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What causes dermatitis?


Contact dermatitis is skin inflammation that occurs because the skin has been exposed to a substance that irritates it or causes an allergic reaction.

Dermatitis can affect anyone, at any age and can affect any part of the body.

Nappy rash is common in babies and irritant contact dermatitis can also develop around the mouth because of skin contact with dribbles of baby food or drools of saliva. In adults, irritant contact dermatitis is often an occupational illness triggered by exposure to strong soaps, solvents or cutting agents.
A long list of natural and artificial chemicals can trigger contact dermatitis, including ingredients found in soaps, household cleaners, laundry detergents, metal jewellery, perfumes, industrial solvents, cosmetics, fabric finishes, shampoos and even antibiotic ointments.

Common skin exposure (or "contact") that can lead to contact dermatitis includes hand washing; housecleaning; spraying or dabbing on perfume; wearing a metal necklace or bracelet that contains nickel; wearing clothes with metal snaps or zippers; shampooing hair; applying makeup or hair dye; working with industrial solvents; and glues.

Allergic contact dermatitis of the feet often develops when a person buys a new pair of shoes or socks. Dye and other allergens are present in high concentrations and are most likely to cause a reaction. Heat and perspiration generated during exercise may cause dyes in socks, shoes or trainers to carry through to the skin, worsening the condition. This can eventually lead to dry, cracked, split skin, on and around the foot area that is incredibly painful and can be quite disabling.

Cure for dermatitis

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I recently purchased some Dermashield for my daughter who is an apprentice hair stylist. Her hands were extremely painful, red and sore and it was beginning to spread up to her wrists. After 'googling' dermatitis I came across your product and read the reviews and thought it was probably too good to be true.

How wrong I was, in just a few days there was a big improvement and now a few weeks down the line her hands are like new. Many thanks

C.C. of Bristol, 9th January 2012

I fully appreciate, not only the physical aspects of having a condition such as dermatitis, but also the emotional impact the condition has on you and your family. That is why I manufacture Derma Shield. I believe that dermatitis sufferers deserve the best treatment and care possible at affordable prices.

Users constantly tell me that their quality of life has greatly improved since using Derma Shield. It has relieved the pain and constant suffering that they endure, and they are no longer embarrassed and self conscious about their dermatitis damaged skin.

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What is Derma Shield?
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How does Derma Shield work?
Derma Shield is dispensed as a light mousse that quickly sinks into your skin. As it does so, pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E are absorbed. Then Derma Shield forms a breathable and waterproof shield over your skin to stop dermatitis. More?

How safe is Derma Shield?
We manufacture Derma Shield under pharmaceutical conditions using only the finest ingredients that are chosen for both their effectiveness in dealing with skin conditions such as dermatitis and their gentle action on your skin. More?

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